Part Four: Custom Wedding Stationery

We are continuing to interview and show off some of our favorite vendors. Why? Because they continually go above and beyond to make every couple feel unique and special. Honestly, one of our favorite things to do is to meet with talented individuals. KLEE Design Co. creates beautiful custom wedding stationery, but she won us over with her big heart and clean design. She has a gift for listening to a couple's love story and turning it into a piece that genuinely represents, THEM.

We're excited to share her heart for this industry. Happy reading!

Share a little bit about yourself:

KLEE Design Co. started because of a love for clean design, and a heart for brides on a budget - after all, brides shouldn’t be spending all their money on paper. Your invitations are the first glimpse for friends and family into the day for which you’ve spent hours planning and preparing your hearts. There is genuinely no greater joy for me than to visually write your love story.

Few things make my heart swoon the way design can! My love of the Lord is my foundation - my aim is to serve Him in all that I do. And finding new ways to caffeinate myself is another - creamy or dark, I’ll drink it, preferably from a straw :)

What do you love most about the wedding industry?

KRISTI: There is a moment for every bride when it’s all finally real. Trust me, the moment I hand you your invitation suite, all of your planning suddenly seems official - people are coming to celebrate your special day, and this is how they’re going to find out! That is the absolute BEST moment for me, and that is my true joy to get to give that gift to every bride. What I love most about the wedding industry is getting to be a part of that moment.

What keeps you passionate?

KRISTI: I love watching my friends pursue their own dreams - it makes me so proud to watch people who I love fulfill God’s calling on their life - I mean, does it really get any better than that? That is definitely the spark that keeps me passionate in my own career.

What is your idea of FUN?

KRISTI: My idea of fun starts with a large iced coffee, a sunny day, and quality time with someone you love. If I had no limitations, we’d fly to a new city and explore all day! There’s nothing quite as fun as getting inspired by new adventures, new places and great food.

What is the secret to your success?

KRISTI: I believe that dreaming with my brides is crucial to their happiness - and when I’ve got happy brides, I succeed! From mood boards to envelope color choices, all of our planning should get you more and more excited to get married. I make my brides feel comfortable and assured that your wedding stationery will highlight your event style and mirror your love for each other.

What's one thing you'd like all your clients to know?

KRISTI: I would love all of my clients to know my heart - I know weddings come with all sorts of new experiences, and not all of them are wonderful. I was so stressed during my own wedding that I started losing hair, not to mention my own sanity! It doesn’t have to be that way - give yourself room to enjoy this time in your life, let the little things go, and remind yourself that it will all turn out beautifully. After all, you’ve got people like me to handle the stressful details, while you enjoy shoe shopping and cake tasting!

What do you love most about The Cottage Farmhouse?

KRISTI: I sincerely love the hearts of the women behind it all - watching them pour out their love all over this place is really the best part of it for me! I believe when you know the people responsible for all this beauty are truly dedicated to your wedding day, it allows you relax and know that your vision will come to life (and gives you more time for all the fun you should be having as the bride)! You’ve got some pretty incredible ladies that have your back from the moment you book to send-off!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our favorite vendors, like KLEE Design Co.! We're so grateful to work with such talented and unique individuals. 


Kim & Bailey

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