Part One: Getting to know us!

We are excited to kick off our new blog series where you will have a chance to get to know our CF team, but also some of our favorite vendors that go above and beyond to make every event special and unique. We thought this would be a great way to start off the new year. This month we thought we’d start off with us—the mother-daughter team behind the dream of The Cottage Farmhouse. Happy reading!

Give us a little background about yourselves:

KIM: I have had my own Interior Design company for several years. I have also worked for a long time building teams and planning large events in a church setting. The idea of putting these two things together and working with newly engaged couples to plan their big day is a dream come true! Every couple is unique and it is so much fun to lend my talents to something this special. It is truly lovely and joyous to be the place where vows are made and couples join their lives together forever.

BAILEY: Many years ago, I was a wedding trend blogger and marketing intern for Bellagala, and that’s what sparked my desire to go into the fast-paced wedding industry. I have a background in Advertising and handle all things Social Media for the business and love it! I am a hopeless romantic, so I can’t help but fall in love with the meaning and commitment that marriages stand for. There is something very powerful about watching 2 individuals commit to loving one another ‘till death do us part. To us, this is more than just a wedding venue, it is a chance to hear each other’s love stories and create a space where our future bride and grooms feel loved and cherished. We aspire to be known for the reimagined romance of happy beginnings.

How did you choose the name of the venue?

KIM: I love European inspired design and that whole look of the rustic farm table with a beautiful chandelier hanging over it. When I started my Interior Design business over 14 years ago, I thought, how do I come up with a name that combines that vintage cottage feel with that rustic farmhouse charm? So I put my two favorites together and The Cottage Farmhouse was born. 

BAILEY: It has lots of meaning. It was the name of my Mom's first business venture years ago when she decided to start her own Interior Design firm—now, it’s called Bloom Design. To me, it’s a reminder of where the initial footprints of our dream began, and the strength and perseverance that goes into starting your own business. It’s the perfect name.

What's your favorite dessert?

KIM: Bread...oh wait, you said dessert, right? I love chocolate, but I would give up dessert of any kind for bread. So I guess I'll stay with my first answer. :)

BAILEY: Ice. Cream. Every season, every day of the week. I have no shame! Some of my favorites would be: The Blast in Owatonna, and MilkJam Creamery and Sebastian Joe's in Minneapolis. And of course you can’t go wrong with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

What keeps you passionate?

KIM: Meeting the couples we work with and hearing their stories, knowing we are part of such an important day, these are some things that really inspire me. I want to make the farm a beautiful place for these memories to be made and create an atmosphere that sets the stage for their "I dos". So I guess you could say people keep me passionate: brides and grooms, our wonderful team that we work with and all the talent and joy of collaboration.

BAILEY: Having a creative outlet is important. I draw, paint, dabble in graphic design and dream of new ways to further our business, but some of the most awe-inspiring moments come from my insanely talented and gifted friends and family. Their brilliant ideas keep me passionate. I’m blessed to be surrounded by some of the greats!

What is your favorite renovation memory?

KIM: There were so many, many days over the summer that friends and family rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. I am so grateful for every one of them! But I have to say, for me, it was the day of the Open House in July when all those people got to see their hard work come together and we raced right up to the hour we opened to put the finishing touches on. Everyone knew it was a group effort!

BAILEY: The conversations that flowed from what seemed like endless days of painting with my Mom, Kim. They would usually start with my Mom asking if we were just “putting lipstick on a pig” and I would laugh and say, “no, we have a beautiful vision for this place and we have one of the most talented interior designers—YOU!.” We also had a big group of friends and family help with yard work and renovations during Memorial weekend last year and I was blown away by their generosity. They gave up their weekend and did yard work in the rain—those are true friends, indeed. We have an awesome support system!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little more. Our next post will be about our talented Wedding Planner, Kelsie Freitag. Her bubbly personality will be sure to win you over. Stay tuned for more details!


Kim & Bailey

Photography: Yantes Photo

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