Part Four: Custom Wedding Stationery

We are continuing to interview and show off some of our favorite vendors. Why? Because they continually go above and beyond to make every couple feel unique and special. Honestly, one of our favorite things to do is to meet with talented individuals. KLEE Design Co. creates beautiful custom wedding stationery, but she won us over with her big heart and clean design. She has a gift for listening to a couple's love story and turning it into a piece that genuinely represents, THEM.

We're excited to share her heart for this industry. Happy reading!

Share a little bit about yourself:

KLEE Design Co. started because of a love for clean design, and a heart for brides on a budget - after all, brides shouldn’t be spending all their money on paper. Your invitations are the first glimpse for friends and family into the day for which you’ve spent hours planning and preparing your hearts. There is genuinely no greater joy for me than to visually write your love story.

Few things make my heart swoon the way design can! My love of the Lord is my foundation - my aim is to serve Him in all that I do. And finding new ways to caffeinate myself is another - creamy or dark, I’ll drink it, preferably from a straw :)

What do you love most about the wedding industry?

KRISTI: There is a moment for every bride when it’s all finally real. Trust me, the moment I hand you your invitation suite, all of your planning suddenly seems official - people are coming to celebrate your special day, and this is how they’re going to find out! That is the absolute BEST moment for me, and that is my true joy to get to give that gift to every bride. What I love most about the wedding industry is getting to be a part of that moment.

What keeps you passionate?

KRISTI: I love watching my friends pursue their own dreams - it makes me so proud to watch people who I love fulfill God’s calling on their life - I mean, does it really get any better than that? That is definitely the spark that keeps me passionate in my own career.

What is your idea of FUN?

KRISTI: My idea of fun starts with a large iced coffee, a sunny day, and quality time with someone you love. If I had no limitations, we’d fly to a new city and explore all day! There’s nothing quite as fun as getting inspired by new adventures, new places and great food.

What is the secret to your success?

KRISTI: I believe that dreaming with my brides is crucial to their happiness - and when I’ve got happy brides, I succeed! From mood boards to envelope color choices, all of our planning should get you more and more excited to get married. I make my brides feel comfortable and assured that your wedding stationery will highlight your event style and mirror your love for each other.

What's one thing you'd like all your clients to know?

KRISTI: I would love all of my clients to know my heart - I know weddings come with all sorts of new experiences, and not all of them are wonderful. I was so stressed during my own wedding that I started losing hair, not to mention my own sanity! It doesn’t have to be that way - give yourself room to enjoy this time in your life, let the little things go, and remind yourself that it will all turn out beautifully. After all, you’ve got people like me to handle the stressful details, while you enjoy shoe shopping and cake tasting!

What do you love most about The Cottage Farmhouse?

KRISTI: I sincerely love the hearts of the women behind it all - watching them pour out their love all over this place is really the best part of it for me! I believe when you know the people responsible for all this beauty are truly dedicated to your wedding day, it allows you relax and know that your vision will come to life (and gives you more time for all the fun you should be having as the bride)! You’ve got some pretty incredible ladies that have your back from the moment you book to send-off!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our favorite vendors, like KLEE Design Co.! We're so grateful to work with such talented and unique individuals. 


Kim & Bailey

Part Three: The Cookie Creative

We had the privilege of interviewing one of our favorite local cookie companies! THE COOKIE CREATIVE is a specialty cookie company based in Minneapolis, MN serving the Twin City area. Their cookies are baked fresh with the finest ingredients and hand-piped to perfection. If you can dream it, they can make it into a cookie! 

Cori collaborated with us to create our custom cookie boxes that we give out to each couple who books their wedding with us--so expect something extra special to come in the mail just for YOU! She is truly a one of a kind individual and we loved getting to know her heart for this industry! Enjoy :) 

What is your favorite ice cream?

CORI: Have you heard of Minnesota Nice Cream? The best soft serve in town AND you can add glitter (edible glitter, of course). Doesn't get much better than that. 

What do you love most about the wedding industry? 

CORI: One of the things I love about working in the wedding industry is working with couples and helping them to bring a specific vision to life. It's so much fun to take all these elements, from the dress, to the wedding invitations and find creative ways to incorporate those into a cookie design. The idea that I get to be a part of such a special celebration of love is something that makes me smile and makes my heart feel full.

What keeps you passionate? 

CORI: Desserts make people happy and it's a lot of fun for me to design cookies that might have the power to make someone smile or even just pause for a moment. I think we could all use a touch of whimsy in our lives from time to time.

What motivates you to be kind?

CORI: Ever have a really crummy day, like really, really crummy and then some small act of kindness, even something as simple as a genuine smile from another person suddenly brings you out from under that dark cloud? We all have that power and the effects of using it are so far reaching, it's hard to even imagine how great the scope. Also, I just tend to operate on the assumption that everyone out there is as sensitive as I am which may or may not be true. 

What is your idea of fun?

CORI: I love activities that really keep you in the moment. Biking is a big one for me and the trails here in the twin cities are pretty fantastic. Aside from that, anything that involves dancing. The best bike scenario is when you're biking to a destination that involves dancing. ;)

What do you love most about The Cottage Farmhouse?

CORI: Is there a more lovely aesthetic? Seriously. That and the options--the mix of outdoor and indoor space and the luxe elegance mixed with warmth and rustic charm and little nuanced details. I can't imagine a more gorgeous space to inhabit on such a special day. 

Thanks again for reading more about our FABULOUS vendors! We're blessed to work with such talented individuals. 


Kim & Bailey

Part Two: Our Talented Event Planner

This new blog series will give you a chance to get to know our CF team. Kelsie is our Event Planner that goes above and beyond to make every event special and unique. We’re so blessed to have her apart of our team! Happy reading!

Give us a little background about yourself and how you got into Event Planning:

KELSIE: When I was a sophomore in College I wanted to find a part time job that could work with my hectic college schedule. I heard about an opening at a bridal shop that some of my friends who were working there, absolutely loved! It was there I began selling wedding dresses and it didn't take me long to get bit by the "wedding bug" (as they like to call it). I continued to work at the bridal shop for the next three years. Shortly after I began dreaming of having my own wedding planning business. It wasn't long after that, I became the wedding coordinator for my church, where my husband is a pastor. I loved doing weddings and so I decided to start my own wedding and event coordinating business on the side as well.

How did you get started at The Cottage Farmhouse?

KELSIE: I actually met Kim in the fall of 2015 at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend of ours. We happened to sit next to each other and began sharing about our lives. She was telling me about her dream to open a wedding barn with her daughter and I began telling her mine was to start my own business as a wedding planner. It was like a match made in heaven that night! We stayed in contact the next few months, as her and Bailey were looking for a Barn and once they had found one we were ready to start our journey together! It has been a blessing to work with these two ladies and to be able to start with them from the ground up. We all bring new ideas to the table and build off of each others creativity. They inspire me every time we are together!

What do you love most about Event Planning?

KELSIE: One of my favorite parts would be when we have arrived to the actual wedding day. We all step into what seems to be a real-life Pinterest board of all their dreams pulled together, uniquely designed for the couple. Another all time favorite is simply seeing the joy and happiness on the couple's faces as the day is coming to a close. Knowing I helped their day go smoothly brings much satisfaction.

What keeps you passionate?

KELSIE: Doing weddings, thinking weddings, talking weddings; weddings, weddings, weddings! But seriously, anytime I'm meeting with a bride, planning new ideas with Kim or Bailey, walking around the farmhouse for inspiration, or just talking to a friend who is engaged fuels my desire to do what I do. I love hearing the stories of the couple and hearing their vision for their special day.

What is your idea of a fun date?

KELSIE: Anything that involves food and movies! Ideally, going out for dinner (probably something Mexican) then packing up loads of snacks, treats, (popcorn is a must) and if the weather was great, taking our Jeep to a drive-in movie near our home.

What do you love most about The Cottage Farmhouse?

KELSIE: I love the charm and character that is everywhere on the property from the buildings down to the smallest details of the Bridal Cottage. It is so beautiful and unique. My favorite part of the day is right before and after the sunset, the whole venue lights up with the most beautiful golden hue.

Thanks for taking some time to read more about our talented team. If you’d like more information about our planning packages, please email

Next month, we’ll interview one of our favorite local cookie companies! THE COOKIE CREATIVE is a specialty cookie company based in Minneapolis, MN serving the Twin City area. Their cookies are baked fresh with the finest ingredients and hand-piped to perfection. If you can dream it, they can make it into a cookie! Cori collaborated with us to create our custom cookie boxes that we give out to each couple who books their wedding with us--so expect something extra special to come in the mail just for YOU! 


Kim & Bailey

Part One: Getting to know us!

We are excited to kick off our new blog series where you will have a chance to get to know our CF team, but also some of our favorite vendors that go above and beyond to make every event special and unique. We thought this would be a great way to start off the new year. This month we thought we’d start off with us—the mother-daughter team behind the dream of The Cottage Farmhouse. Happy reading!

Give us a little background about yourselves:

KIM: I have had my own Interior Design company for several years. I have also worked for a long time building teams and planning large events in a church setting. The idea of putting these two things together and working with newly engaged couples to plan their big day is a dream come true! Every couple is unique and it is so much fun to lend my talents to something this special. It is truly lovely and joyous to be the place where vows are made and couples join their lives together forever.

BAILEY: Many years ago, I was a wedding trend blogger and marketing intern for Bellagala, and that’s what sparked my desire to go into the fast-paced wedding industry. I have a background in Advertising and handle all things Social Media for the business and love it! I am a hopeless romantic, so I can’t help but fall in love with the meaning and commitment that marriages stand for. There is something very powerful about watching 2 individuals commit to loving one another ‘till death do us part. To us, this is more than just a wedding venue, it is a chance to hear each other’s love stories and create a space where our future bride and grooms feel loved and cherished. We aspire to be known for the reimagined romance of happy beginnings.

How did you choose the name of the venue?

KIM: I love European inspired design and that whole look of the rustic farm table with a beautiful chandelier hanging over it. When I started my Interior Design business over 14 years ago, I thought, how do I come up with a name that combines that vintage cottage feel with that rustic farmhouse charm? So I put my two favorites together and The Cottage Farmhouse was born. 

BAILEY: It has lots of meaning. It was the name of my Mom's first business venture years ago when she decided to start her own Interior Design firm—now, it’s called Bloom Design. To me, it’s a reminder of where the initial footprints of our dream began, and the strength and perseverance that goes into starting your own business. It’s the perfect name.

What's your favorite dessert?

KIM: Bread...oh wait, you said dessert, right? I love chocolate, but I would give up dessert of any kind for bread. So I guess I'll stay with my first answer. :)

BAILEY: Ice. Cream. Every season, every day of the week. I have no shame! Some of my favorites would be: The Blast in Owatonna, and MilkJam Creamery and Sebastian Joe's in Minneapolis. And of course you can’t go wrong with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

What keeps you passionate?

KIM: Meeting the couples we work with and hearing their stories, knowing we are part of such an important day, these are some things that really inspire me. I want to make the farm a beautiful place for these memories to be made and create an atmosphere that sets the stage for their "I dos". So I guess you could say people keep me passionate: brides and grooms, our wonderful team that we work with and all the talent and joy of collaboration.

BAILEY: Having a creative outlet is important. I draw, paint, dabble in graphic design and dream of new ways to further our business, but some of the most awe-inspiring moments come from my insanely talented and gifted friends and family. Their brilliant ideas keep me passionate. I’m blessed to be surrounded by some of the greats!

What is your favorite renovation memory?

KIM: There were so many, many days over the summer that friends and family rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. I am so grateful for every one of them! But I have to say, for me, it was the day of the Open House in July when all those people got to see their hard work come together and we raced right up to the hour we opened to put the finishing touches on. Everyone knew it was a group effort!

BAILEY: The conversations that flowed from what seemed like endless days of painting with my Mom, Kim. They would usually start with my Mom asking if we were just “putting lipstick on a pig” and I would laugh and say, “no, we have a beautiful vision for this place and we have one of the most talented interior designers—YOU!.” We also had a big group of friends and family help with yard work and renovations during Memorial weekend last year and I was blown away by their generosity. They gave up their weekend and did yard work in the rain—those are true friends, indeed. We have an awesome support system!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little more. Our next post will be about our talented Wedding Planner, Kelsie Freitag. Her bubbly personality will be sure to win you over. Stay tuned for more details!


Kim & Bailey

Photography: Yantes Photo

New Beginnings

In the midst of freezing cold temperatures, new beginnings are getting ready to spring forward as we prepare for this upcoming wedding season. It’s our hope that this will be a place where one of a kind memories are made—our late nights, laughter and dedication are worked into the soil and worn into the authentic beauty this property holds. We are eager to see this place grow, and to be a part of the very beginning of your life’s greatest adventure!

An incredible group of soon to be bride and grooms took hold of our vision for The Cottage Farmhouse, and we are so excited that each and every one of them is going to be a part of our wedding season. For us, this is so much more than a charming wedding venue—this is about celebrating your love and commitment to one another. It’s about creating a space where you can share your unique and inspiring love story. And it’s our prayer that our farm exceeds all your dreams and expectations, but even more we desire that your marriages, together, will be truly beautiful and timeless. 

In January, we are starting a new blog series where you will have a chance to get to know our CF team, but also some of our favorite vendors that go above and beyond. We thought this would be a great way to start off the new year. Cheers to 2017—the best is yet to come!

“Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing stronger, nothing higher, nothing wider, nothing more pleasant, nothing fuller or better in heaven or earth; for love is born of God, and can rest only in God above all created things.

Love flies, runs, leaps for joy; it is free and unrestrained. Love gives all for all, resting in One who is highest above all things, from whom every good flows and proceeds. Love does not regard the gifts, but turns to the Giver of all good gifts. Love knows no limits, but ardently transcends all bounds. Love feels no burden, takes no account of toil, attempts things beyond its strength; love sees nothing as impossible, for it feels able to achieve all things. Love therefore does great things; it is strange and effective; while he who lacks love faints and fails.” ― Thomas à Kempis


Kim & Bailey