Tips for a Stress-free Wedding

7 Tips to ensure a stress-free wedding day:

Hire a wedding planner

A great wedding planner can basically run the show for you, recommend the best vendors, coordinate all the details and keep you on schedule for the BIG day. The most important thing is finding someone you personally connect that with, that gets your vision, so you can trust them with all the stuff. This is one of the most value filled decisions you can make for yourself. At the very least, it is worth an initial meeting to see what an event specialist can do for you.

We have an an amazing Event Planner, Kelsie, that we love and trust to help make sure your day runs smoothly. Contact to schedule a complimentary meeting to see if you would be interested in her services.

Choose an all inclusive venue

Congratulations! You’ve already done that by choosing The Cottage Farmhouse! Everything is right here on site, from ceremony to reception and dance. We even have additional games, décor, draping and early arrival packages that make your planning smooth and easy. Just email us for more details and pricing. We’re here to help!

Select recommended vendors

Recommended vendors who have worked together in the past, know the venue and have a great track record of successful weddings under their belt. This means less for you to think about and most importantly: a great day-of experience for you and your guests.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Identify the people on your team that have strengths in areas you do not, then let them take on some of the things on your to-do list. This simple step can take a considerable load off your shoulders when you delegate some responsibilities to them. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the things that are important to you, but there will always be some things that are just not on your top priority list. This is where family and friends can be a huge help!

Avoid inspiration overload

Hey, we ALL love Pinterest, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Decision making can be hard with all the ideas and choices out there. It can also really throw off your budget. PIck 2-3 ideas that are really important for you to focus your time, energy and money on, and then limit your inspirational browsing so you can stay on track. It is better to do a couple things really well that have a ton of ideas that were never executed well.

Limit your DIY

As the saying goes, everything takes longer than you think…and sometimes the cost of purchasing something already completed is worth the savings in time, stress and anxiety. If you do decide to tackle a DIY project, remember your time is limited and at the end of the day, you want to enjoy the wedding planning experience, not be consumed in a mountain of projects right up to wedding day.

Be present

You will hear it a hundred times: take in every moment and really enjoy it because it goes so fast. It really does. So remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are marrying your person. The love of your life. Everything else is second to that. Your attitude will set the tone for the whole day….and joy is contagious!


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